Colored icons tanks in tree research and after battle statistics WoT 0.9.18
Fireworks after the Destruction of the Tank Mod For World Of Tanks
Auto-aim for Artillery Mod For World Of Tanks 0.9.18
NoScroll - Exit from Sniper mode to Arcade Mod For WoT 0.9.18
Collection pictures 6 sense "Deer watching you" Mod For WoT 0.9.18
Indicator is the Direction of the Enemy after Being Detected Mod WOT 0.9.18
A New Kind of Medals with the Effect under the Glass Mod For WoT 0.9.18
Picture client download in anime style Mod For World Of Tanks 0.9.18
Fast Enable Server Crosshair one Button Mod For WoT 0.9.18
Beautiful screen Download the Client (30 options) For WoT 0.9.18