World of Tanks (WOT)

Disable video when entering the game Mod For World Of Tanks 0.9.16
Disconnect the Parking brake for Tank destroyer in sniper mode Mod WOT 0.9.16
Auto focus target when you hover the message in the chat Mod WOT 0.9.16
Marker focus target "Attack" Mod For World Of Tanks 0.9.16
PFMods - indication recharge, destruction on the minimap and more WOT 0.9.16
Winrate, Master progress, Tank LVL in the hangar Mod For WOT 0.9.16
Color highlighting of the selected tank Mod For World Of Tanks 0.9.16
Cheat-build "Not for everyone" from CaKe2000 Hack For WOT 0.9.16
Firefly - display of spotted enemies and damage calculation mod WoT 0.9.16
Counter the damage dealt in battle based on XVM Mod For WOT 0.9.16