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Build mods by Gleborg Modpack for World Of Tanks

Build mods by Gleborg Modpack for World Of Tanks
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  • Add Date: 22.02.2017
  • Current version: v.0.1
  • Rating: 5.0


  • Updated client for World of tanks WOT

    Modpak for World Of Tanks from Gleborg is a lethal cocktail for the enemy and a bunch of different buns for the players, it installed. So, what "on Board"?

    "Zoom". About the benefits of such modification, probably everyone knows. With increased magnification, you can count the rivets on the armor of the enemy. And if you use PT with accurate gun (German Jagdpanther and JagdTiger heavy or the British at-15 and "cake"), then critical hit driver, radio operator or the commander of the enemy tank – simple.

    The panel received damage. In addition to the damage dealt by the player in the lower left corner, next to the equipment icon, you receive information, who fired and what damage was caused. At first glance, unnecessary information is simply required when "tanker" starts to run LBZ.

    "Smart mini-map". On it in addition to the type, appears the name of the technique. What can it give in combat? "The strand", "strand" of strife. To know that somewhere nearby hiding "carton French" is one thing. And to see that nearby is ready to go in a head-on KV-4 is another.
    Nice addition to performance has become the commander or free camera. It can help to see very much. For example, to change the pivot point and see where the enemy hid behind the corner of the building. To see where his weapon is aimed. If he is waiting for you on the other hand, you can safely pop out and send him a shell in the weak spot.

    In General, the performance was very minimalist, but has all the necessary fashion to be successful.

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