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Slayer_The_God Modpack For World of tanks 0.9.16

Slayer_The_God Modpack For World of tanks 0.9.16
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  • Add Date: 03.10.2016
  • Current version: #02
  • Rating: 5.0


The creators of the Mods for World of Tanks continue to increase their strength, and the popularity of this game project. At the moment, any user can find on the Internet many different builds of mods that offer the best modifications to simplify and improve the gameplay. Made these assemblies in order to have a list of quality work, eliminating unsuccessful and inadequate versions of these developments. Today we present you a compact Assembly from Slayer_The_God mods for World of tanks 0.9.16. What is interesting in this mod? Is it worth to use it? Now we'll talk about this. The first is to note that the modpak has its own installer, which allows you to automatically place all the required mods in the correct order and in the right quantity. In addition, the installer allows you to predefine a list of those mods that you want to install from the Assembly, eliminating unnecessary modifications.
Another advantage is the continuous update and edit the modpak that allows developers time to adjust their mods for the new version of the game, to ensure that they worked properly and in time to treat various bugs and flaws. Such attention to users can not but rejoice.
What was included in the list of this modpak? First, it is the best and most convenient sights for your tank from the most famous players of World of Tanks. It should be noted nice app that allows you to set different information window for more details on damage, health, opponents, etc. secondly, in the modpak includes various improvements to the hangar that allows you to diversify the game's visuals. Thirdly, in the modpak included modification of "useful plan", that is, they are: XVM, markers on the mini-map, pointer, range review and much more. Modifications a lot better if you get acquainted with them personally.
Thanks to this modpak you will be able to improve your gameplay, improve efficiency in battle and much more likely to win. However, don't rule out the Foundation of his game relates to your personal ability to assess the situation in battle and to properly apply the strengths and weaknesses of your tank.


Download Slayer_The_God Modpack For World of tanks 0.9.16 (13.44 Mb)
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