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Build mods by Piranhas ModPack For World of tanks

Build mods by Piranhas ModPack For World of tanks
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  • Add Date: 20.07.2017
  • Current version: update #4
  • Rating: 5.0



• In-session statistics TimeSpent
• In-session statistics config TimeSpent from Xotabych
• In-session statistics config TimeSpent from bes_1
• Notification of the allies in the chat about the glare
• Calculator effectiveness in combat (reduced subsidence fps)
• modBattle Observer(Military Observer) from v Armagomen.07-1
• Detailed description of skills of the crew (moved into the mods folder)
• Vertical tree development from Johny_Bafak(setup in the center of modifications)
• Voice Blitzkrieg 2
• Voice Of The Stalker (18+)
• Voice Of Katyusha
• Voice Kingpin Life of Crime (18+)
• Voice Atmospheric Strategic
• Voice killed your frags (set up in the center of modifications)
• Contoured skins with areas of penetration(added E50, E50_M, Object_252U, Object_252K, Object_140)
• Change boot loader sounds with wg_load_custom_ekspont_banks on BanksLoader by Polyacov_Yury (moved to the mods folder)

• Sniper scope
• Sound with full mixing tools
• The voice acting crew Test 0.8.6
• Voice kills Locastan_by Polyacov (moved to the mods folder)
• Added the characters voices, and the mods that are downloaded from the network
• Update notification modpaka

A relatively young project in the line modpacks for World of tanks for a short period of time found its fans and its target audience. Assembling mods from Piranhas includes the most popular and popular versions of the game client for World of tanks.
The main sections that are represented in the Assembly - different variations of the easy sights for any type of technology, a collection of information of sight, several kinds of angles of horizontal aiming, dashboards, improved direction markers enemy attacks, further damage panel, zoom mod, advanced radial menu, Renamer with the possibility of customization, a soundtrack of many games and other mods.

Assembly is assembled on the basis of intelligent installer that helps you during the process of installing mods in the WOT client.


· Download Build mods by Piranhas ModPack For World of tanks (124 Mb)
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