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PSIX ModPack For World of tanks 0.9.16

PSIX ModPack For World of tanks 0.9.16
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  • Add Date: 03.10.2016
  • Rating: 5.0


"Embrace the boundless". That is the feeling that arises in the process of installing the Assembly from PSIX mods for World of Tanks 0.9.16. Eyes just beginning to diverge from all sorts of baubles and buns.

For players that have parked more than a dozen vehicles, there are tank carousel. To view the skills and the experience level of the crew no longer need to look into personal Affairs of soldiers. For each tank, in addition to its technical characteristics, displays the data, how many more need to get experience to the status of "elite", and much before the opening of the next car in the development branch.

A set of several types of rifle scopes from leading "tanks variants", with different "twists". Increased multiplicity in sniper mode. Plus a choice when installing which information will be displayed about the enemy – the armor thickness, weak spots. During the fight, the message is displayed, what damage and what is the opponent struck a player, how many saprobity, and how many shells blocked by armor. By the way, all the holes in the armor highlighted with contrasting colors. These color spots can easily navigate to adjust his fire. "Dead" enemies and the skeletons of cars you can "paint" in the color white, so they don't get "grandmother" in the heat of battle. Appeared truly a priceless feature. You can forget what shooting allies. If this do not work. Direction guns enemies on the minimap. Information about "lit" enemy tanks player, new sound notification when triggered "sixth" sense and the "crits" modules. And this is only a small part of all the new features. To learn about all the capabilities of the modpak from PSIX, only by installing it, and having experienced in battle personally.


· Download PSIX ModPack For World of tanks 0.9.16 (110 Mb)
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