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Webium’s modpack for World of Tanks

Webium’s modpack for World of Tanks
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  • Add Date: 26.07.2018
  • Current version: v. 00
  • Rating: 4.7


In this Assembly includes mod packs, which uses the “webium” World of Tanks and a number of other great mods. While all modpak has different languages.
Modpak has the most varied content:
  • XVM with Stats;
  • Crosshairs;
  • Damage Panels;
  • Zoom mods;
  • Sounds;
  • Hangar;
  • Hit zones and Skins;
  • And other mods.
    Installation Guide

    Download the installer and run it.
    Select your desired Mods.

    Change log

    #00 #00
    Adaptation to micropatch
    ^ Updated XVM 7.7.0-dev #8520
    ^ Updated mod Disable Icon Mirroring
    ^ Updated Auxilium 19.03
    - Removed file polarfox.vxSettingsApi_1.7.9.wotmod from Battle Observer = no config available in game (contains Adware) #00
    Adaptation to micropatch
    ^ Updated XVM 7.6.4-dev #8438
    ^ Updated Contour icons
    ^ Updated Golden premium icons, Icons with tiers
    ^ Updated Clock and Calculator in hangar
    ^ Updated Tweaker mods
    ^ Updated PMod 1.34.1
    ^ Updated GambitER DamageLog
    ^ Updated Carousel Highlight
    ^ Updated Battle results - Tanks, Girls
    ^ Updated White dead tanks and tracks
    ^ Updated Disable icon mirroring
    + Added TimeSpent session stats
    # Fixed installation of HD Minimaps
    - Removed mods Account Manager, HangarTools, BattleStats

    #01 #01
    - removed XVM
    - removed Disable Icon Mirroring
    # fixed HD Minimap installation

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    · Download Webium’s modpack for World of Tanks (111 Mb)
    More reposts - most of the updates:

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    I find this site very interesting.  I only have trouble trying to get any of the Mods to download to my pc so I can use them..  
         See I am legally Blind so I have a hard time to  use the sites so I need more and just to play the game. I like a big mini map to be able to see what is going on.. so if you can help by letting me know how to down load these mods let me know please.
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    ctr+f and write there download <-- There is it wink
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    what does free xp unlocked mean???