Panel damage for World of tanks 0.9.18

Damage panels for World of tanksA very useful mod for World of tanks 0.9.18 - panel damage to WOT. Recently, more and more players resort to the procedure of changing the default decisions the game client on more advanced options - the damage panel not the exception. After long contemplation of a standard interface client World of tanks sooner or later become boring.

I want to add new colors, increase the capabilities and the informative value in combat. For this, many modders create their own versions of the panels caused damage. As a rule, these modes help the player to get information about who shot at his car, how shell and from which a tank was shot, the number of points of health removed a contact and many other useful data. » Damage Panels for World of tanks 0.9.18,

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Damage panel from Maks5187 for World Of Tanks 0.9.18
Compact damage panel Harpoon for World Of Tanks 0.9.18
Damage direction indicator attack a Predator 0.9.18
Red-yellow direction indicator of damage 0.9.18
Green damage panel Z-MOD for World Of Tanks 0.9.18
Panel received damage from Zayaz for World Of Tanks 0.9.18
Excellent damage panel from Noobool 0.9.18
Damage panel with angles of rotation guns (3 options) 0.9.18
Damage panel (damage received) from GambitER for WoT 0.9.18
Direction indicator of damage in the form of a bullet 0.9.17
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