World of Tanks Damage Panels

Damage panels for World of tanksA very useful mod for World of tanks 0.9.20 - panel damage to WOT. Recently, more and more players resort to the procedure of changing the default decisions the game client on more advanced options - the damage panel not the exception. After long contemplation of a standard interface client World of tanks sooner or later become boring.

I want to add new colors, increase the capabilities and the informative value in combat. For this, many modders create their own versions of the panels caused damage. As a rule, these modes help the player to get information about who shot at his car, how shell and from which a tank was shot, the number of points of health removed a contact and many other useful data. » Damage Panels for World of tanks 0.9.20,

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Compact damage panel Harpoon for World Of Tanks
Excellent damage panel from Noobool
Damage panel with angles of rotation guns (3 options)
Damage direction indicator attack a Predator
Panel received damage from Zayaz for World Of Tanks
Green damage panel Z-MOD for World Of Tanks
Damage panel (damage received) from GambitER for WoT
Red-yellow direction indicator of damage
Damage panel from Maks5187 for World Of Tanks
Direction indicator of damage in the form of a bullet 0.9.17
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