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How to increase efficiency and win percentage in World of tanks?

How to increase efficiency and win percentage in World of tanks?
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To raise efficiency and win percentage, the maximum play to the tanks to level 6. Why is it so? Because, at these levels the perfect balance of damage and winning percentage. It is possible and okay to shoot and get the fight at the right time. The six levels are much easier to drag the fights than the ninth or tenth levels. Even one tank greatly affects the outcome of the battle. You must take the most tanks, for example, Halket, Brew, T 34-85. These machines are very well manifest themselves in battle. Try to play platoon, because if you die, your co-platoon can bring the fight to a victory. And the game is much more fun in a platoon. Also on level 6 is much more enjoyable to play. There the players do not like to stand. The battles are much more fun.
More on privileged play premium tanks. For example, FCM 50, Type 59 or is-6. You will be quite often to get to the top, to the cars of the sixth and seventh level. They will be hard to break, and you will be able to cause colossal damage. Pretty big lack of Prem cars is a bad break. For example, IP-6
the armor penetration only 175mm. So I usually use "Golden" shells. Of course, it will be very expensive, but our goal is to raise the efficiency and statistics, so you need to sacrifice something.
But what if you don't get to play on Premo and tanks of the sixth level? Then you need to go to the sand, that is on level 5 techniques and lower. Here you can learn to play and to raise the winning percentage. In the sandbox is quite easy to play - experienced players here. When you start to win in the sand, you can go to a higher level.
Next. Find yourself a good followers have good stats. It is better that it was higher than yours. Then you will be able to learn something from them. Try to play with them constantly. It is best to play with communication, to discuss everything that happens in battle and not be distracted by conversations not related to combat. When you begin to understand each other perfectly, then your platoon and will drag even the most difficult battles. If you will help each other, will intelligently play, eventually winning percentage and efficiency you will grow.
Remember, if the streak is too big, it is better to end the session and exit the game. Of course, you can change the server, equipment or the level of the tank, but the best solution is just to exit the game and go the next day.
Don't be afraid to use "Golden" shells. If you have the opportunity, then take more of them. Don't have to shoot right and left in all opponents premium shells, but if you don't penetrate the enemy tank, it is better to charge a "Golden" ammunition. Some tanks break through the main shells are very good. But if you do not have enough penetration, don't be afraid to use premium shells. Do not forget to take into battle consumables - fire extinguisher, repair kit and first aid kit. Without them the battle is better not to go.
Try to quickly train your crew, for example, by using shares. If you already have a good crew, it's just great. Pumped the crew significantly increases the combat effectiveness. On some tanks is a good character - it is just a necessity. Try to play the same tank. In this case, you quickly get used to it and will begin to act more effectively in battle.
Try to fight with tanks that you like and you have good stats, high average damage and hit rate. If you are some kind of tank do not understand and show good result on it you can not, then it is better not to play the tank.
Always set your goals in the game. For example, apply a certain amount of damage. For example, you play the is-3 and apply in the mid 1800 damage per battle. Then you need to set a goal to inflict 1900 average damage per battle. So, you will begin to progress, and eventually your stats will grow.
Always enter the battle carefully. No need to go anywhere. You must first think and then act. Pay strict attention to what is happening on the minimap, in any case, cheer up and fight to the last.


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