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How to raise the efficiency rating WN8 in World of tanks

How to raise the efficiency rating WN8 in World of tanks
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In this article we will tell you about the efficiency rating of wn8. To understand the wn8 formula. Indeed, this formula is quite difficult to understand. So, everything in order. To begin with what parameters can affect wn8: the first parameter is the damage, then the frags and the initial sight, also takes into account winning percentage and the number of points of capture. All other parameters in the formula wn8 they are not. WN8 is very much tied to the caused damage. Damage is of paramount importance, in second place are the number of kills, then the defense points, capture points, number of spotted tanks. So, the basic tips for raising WN8 rating.
1. Its dead on the sixth level will bring the same amount of effectiveness as the frag to the tenth level. So, try to make more frags.
2. The higher the average level, the less damage is appreciated. At high levels the number of killed enemies is much more useful for the stats.
3. If you try to fast tanks at the beginning of the battle carefully to highlight a few enemies. Glasses glare opponents is useful for ranking, but to a lesser extent than the other parameters.
4. Defense still useful, despite a significant limitation. Not averse to protection, because valuable the average account, and not an indicator for one fight
5. Win. The wn8 rating is sensitive to the percentage of victories. Try to keep it above fifty percent.
6. Play tanks 6 and above levels. Try to keep the average level of tanks more than six.
7. Top tip - play on the tanks of the sixth level. The most effective growth will be in the game at level 6 tanks.


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