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Tips for beginners in World of tanks

Tips for beginners in World of tanks
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1.A team game.
The most important thing in World of tanks is a team game. Of course, you are not Rambo, to fight alone. You don't have to leave the allies alone on the flank and at all flanks to throw it. This will still lead to the fact that sooner or later the rivals will come after you and will dismantle you from two directions. On each flank there should be at least three tanks so that they could somehow distribute damage among themselves.
2. Always kill tanks with very few points of strength.
Here the main principle is survival of the fittest, that is, kill cars with low HP. No need to disperse the damage between multiple machines. Everyone wants to inflict as much damage as possible, but to win it is necessary to reduce the number of the shafts of the enemy. There are cases where the remnants of the enemy tank is hiding and at the end of the battle killing all opponents. Don't forget to cover allies. Better to have two living 900 HP tank than one tank with 1800 points of strength.
3. Analyze the situation.
Always use your head. You should not be predictable. If you are alone on the flank, or the enemy know where you are, you should not stand under the rock and wait until you arrive. You can just turn around and go elsewhere. It is better to retreat a little and make at least another two, three shots than to meet his death standing under a Bush. Another principle is clever uphill will not go, smart mount bypass. This wonderful old saying refers to the situation when you are trying to go head-on with tanks. If you have the ability to bypass enemy units on the other hand, why go to a frontal attack. Look at the map, you may be able to find a place for maneuver and surprise the enemy by attacking in the flank or in the back.
4. The initiative is punishable.
You must have common sense, and you don't have to go on the attack alone. Often the allies just watch what happens to you. They are in no hurry to help you. But if you want to go to light or to strike in flank, should ask in support chat allies. Because you have not soothsayers, and they are not always able to guess about your decision to attack.
5.Don't place the entire team flank.
Never throw collectively a flank. Many had this situation, when you see one flank starts to lose. And command throws all directions and rides on a weak flank. The result is usually always the same. The defeat is not all directions.
6. Move.
After each shot, or discovery change the position of your tank. If you will stand in place, then it will naturally lead to the death of your machine. In World of tanks there is such a thing as a Great Belarusian random. With the constant movement increases the likelihood of a ricochet or non-penetrating hits. In case, if you freeze, like a statue, the enemy can easily hit a weak point and will cause you damage.


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