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What premium tank is better to buy in World of tanks?

What premium tank is better to buy in World of tanks?
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Perhaps you are thinking about buying a new premium tank. Of course before you raise the question of What Premium tank to buy? You want to bend down and bring out the fight a lot of silver. But premium tanks are divided into two categories – either they farm or bend. In this article we will consider Prem tanks with the best ratio of destruction and earning silver.

Let's start with the JagdTiger 8.8 cm Pak 43. The main advantages of the machine is the review, booking and crazy DPM. Penetration of standard armor-piercing projectile 203 mm, and it is in principle enough, because the machine misses the fights to the tenth level. The time information is beyond praise – two seconds, the range is 100 meters at 0.31. Disappointing only minor damage from the shots, just 240. The rate of fire more than 11 rounds per minute. This allows you to punish opponents. Cons tank the following. This FRI, and FRI like all the Yaga no tower. We can spin any Firefly, and we will not be able to answer him. Another drawback is the slowness, if we made a mistake with the position, it is possible to go back will be unreal. Upsets and lower armory-list, which strikes all and Sundry. But the car can farm, and bend the right hands.

Next, consider the French heavy tank FCM 50 t. Its advantages is the dynamics and maneuverability that exceeds even many medium tanks on the eighth level. Jauntily going up the hill, maneuvering, maybe even spin some clumsy cord. The rapid-fire weapon and can produce more than 8 rounds per minute, the accuracy of 0.36. This means that the FCM is a great DP. There is also a review of the 400 meters, good enough for eighth level. The machine has excellent angles of horizontal aiming. No cons, of course, has not done. Very weak and subject to constant critical damage armor. It does not hold water, and breaks all the tanks that we see in randomness. When hit by artillery becomes really hot, because mine gets break and the car begins to burn. Tank loves to play with crits and injured crew members, so it really cannot be substituted. Consequently, this imposes certain requirements for the skills of future drivers PCM. It cannot be recommended to all world of tanks players.

You should not write off the tank and Lowe (lion). A big plus compared to the previous two machines is more or less acceptable damage with a shot – 320. It is not the same wreck with damage 240. Tank has an excellent gun with a break of 234 mm, are present and good accuracy. There is also the elevation arc. In General, the description of the housing meets the high German standards, Board book - 120 mm. The tower is also what is called the punch of Fig. True, the bad lower armor sheet. The shells are constantly in trouble with penetration. But, if you hide it, Lev could be called a full-fledged heavy tank. There is one caveat, the tank gets into fights to 10 levels. In this case it is better to keep a low profile and work from distance. Benefit tools allows. You should also create a good review in the 400 meters and a margin of safety in 1650 HP. Two main drawback of the machine is a passion for fires, which is partly solved by buying a gold fire extinguisher, and a complete lack of speed. Lev moves extremely slowly, reluctantly turns to tighten it - it's a matter of technique. The result is a decent premium tank, which is a farm, and enjoy a slow but systematic destruction of the enemy.

So the best choice is the American heavy tank of the eighth level of T34. Its main advantage is a weapon that deals 400 damage a shot and has the highest level of penetration among all heavy tanks on the eighth level. The instrument has acceptable accuracy, allowing you to shoot from a distance. There is an armored tower and through the tower tanked - class simple and fascinating. On the maps there are many different hillocks which we can cause damage. Dynamics on the background of the left is quite normal. Only the tower turns bad, so you have to constantly manses body. The housing is completely of cardboard and breaks almost any machine. So try to hide it behind the folds of the terrain.


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