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3D sphere (ball) for World of tanks

3D sphere (ball)  for World of tanks
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  • Add Date: 13.02.2018
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There are situations on the battlefield, when you are carefully aiming at a tank, but just before the shot he is gone from sight and the shot takes in the blind. In this case, it is not possible to know whether they have reached the goal your shot.

This modification will allow to avoid such situations. If your shot has reached the goal, on the place of contact of your shell and armor of an opponent will appear 3D sphere (ball) and a message about hitting the enemy for World of tanks To understand you broke the enemy or not, you can not, but for many tanks with "cardboard" armor it is not necessary. Because the chance not to cause damage to these tanks is very low.

We recommend you to use the mod in combination with the mod Shadow, which draws on the last detected enemy tank model. You will even be able to vitality vulnerable places of the enemy, and 3D sphere will tell whether the enemy is the spot or moved to another square game locations.


Download 3D sphere (ball) for World of tanks (51.5 Kb)
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