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Free version Modification Extension for WoT 0.9.16

Free version Modification Extension for WoT 0.9.16
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  • Add Date: 04.10.2016
  • Current version: 0.9.10
  • Rating: 4.5


The script updated. Fixed slow exit into the hangar.

In the integrated ModificationExtension modification for World of tanks 0.9.16 includes several unique mods:

Designations Modification - modification shows the direction and distance of the nearest enemy
Modification Destructible - mod displays the destruction of trees and objects on the minimap, helping to understand the location of enemy tanks
Displacement Modification - mod sends you information about the enemy, which at the moment is aiming at your tank
Modification Extinguisher - mod changes the principle of operation of conventional fire extinguisher, now it will fire like an automatic.
Modification of snapshotting - modification displays shots from flare equipment
Modification Transference - mod shows tanks that are out of square the standard rendering of the game client
Translocated Modification - mod prints a message if successful, the shooting at an unspotted enemy
Transparency Modification - the mod works on the principle of the tundra - is the removal of all vegetation on the map, allowing for more comfortable keep covered enemy
Modification Undiscovered - the mod shows the texture and the silhouette disappeared from sight tank
To configure all of the components may


* is the name of the desired component. When editing be sure to use Notepad++.

Mod refers to prohibited. You use it at your own risk.


· Download Free version Modification Extension for WoT 0.9.16 (450 kb)
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