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MeltyMap’s MathMod for World of Tanks 0.9.16

MeltyMap’s MathMod for World of Tanks 0.9.16
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  • Add Date: 04.10.2016
  • Current version: RazNaRok
  • Rating: 0.0


Again the sights with the Horizontal aiming angles. And this time we offer you to download MeltyMap''s MathMod. Once after playing with this sight, you won't be able without him, because he calculates and gives so much information that's still just to press the button for the shot.

The author of the sight RazNaRok, in his sight turned to the 0.9.16 update for more mod, which, we believe, will be very useful in battle.

These are hack, NoScroll mod ban to enter sniper mode with mouse wheel, sight is server - Server Cross, also known as cheat sight for the arts, mod commander camera review of the battle from the bird's eye view and zoom mod for sniper mode zoom mod.

This is a screenshot-instructions on how to use mod MeltyMap, and what the numbers on the screen that indicate.

A closer look at the mod, which come in addition to sight. By default we disabled all mods except NoScroll, in order that you are able to choose which of them will be useful to you and which aren't. All the configuration files with which you can enable or disable the mod are in the folder gui.

For work cheat camera commander, is responsible file avatar_input_handler.xml in the file ServerCross.xml you can enable or disable a server scope, using the file ZoomX.xml you can enable, disable and configure zoom mod - zoom in in sniper mode. Also in this file you can change the magnification of the sniper zoom.


Download MeltyMap’s MathMod for World of Tanks 0.9.16 (613.8 Kb)
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