World of Tanks Hangars

Hangars for World of tanksFor anybody not a secret that hangars for World of tanks 1.2 you can safely modify to your liking. Not having a premium account does not necessarily huddled in a standard garage. Its appearance evokes melancholy and sadness. Yes and the premium variant does not cause very positive emotions. For these purposes, many modders create alternative hangars for World of tanks. The game client perfectly adapted to make various changes.

Would be wrong not to use it for their needs. At first glance, a garage for your iron monster seems not very important. Believe me, it is not. After spending the next battle is much more pleasant to come back in a pretty pavilion, than to find your tank in a strange and dirty place. Download hangars for WOT 0.9.15 is quite simple. Just open the appropriate version and install it in the game directory. Here you will find an excellent selection of hangars. Many design solutions we have combined on one page. » Hangars for 1.3, World of tanks (WOT)

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Minimalistic Hangar for World of tanks
Hide Hangar for World of tanks
Autumn hangar on Thanksgiving Day for World of tanks
Beautiful summer hangar "Quiet beach" for World Of Tanks
Hangar TANKFEST on square in front of tank Museum WoT
New Hangar on Victory Day for World of tanks
Replacing base hangar from Prem account for World of tanks
Hangar Korean-style for World of tanks
Creation hangar from any location on map for World of tanks
Replacement hangar of the games in World of Tanks