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Minimaps for World of tanksGreat importance for the correct behavior in combat has correctly configured the minimap for World of tanks 1.2. Thanks to her, you will be able to track the position of both its own and enemy units. It should also display all the settings needed in battle. The standard solution from the creators of the game defies any criticism. So players are remaking the mod mini-map to fit your needs. There are displayed and the names of the tanks, and the last sight of the enemy, and circles are the maximum draw, and many more necessary information.

Now one look to the bottom left corner of the display enough to understand what tactics to choose to continue the battle. I think you will agree with the assertion that a careful analysis of the readings of the minimap is the key to victory in battle. And recently became available card with HD quality landscape. That is, unless the gaming location is new to you, then you can quickly become familiar with it. » Minimap for World of tanks WOT 1.3,

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Tactical minimap in loading screen before battle For WOT
HD Minimap For World of tanks 1.2
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Big mini-map without XVM For World of tanks