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Hawg's 101 Sixth Sense Sounds

Hawg's 101 Sixth Sense Sounds
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  • Add Date: 11.12.2018
  • Rating: 3.7


The skill "sixth sense" is familiar to most players of World of Tanks. Signal lamp lights when the tank gets in sight of the enemy, but the enemy is invisible. A review of player's technique is insufficient. It would seem that more could be done to improve the standard option and do not use XVM. You need to install the advanced mod for the bulbs sixth sense SixthSenseSoundTimeIcon. And transformation begin. Now it is possible to alter graphic and sound notification on your taste and mood. Light should be bright? Please. You can make it so that it will dazzle the eyes. Don't like that it appears in the middle of the top of the screen? Simple. Enter new coordinates, and the indicator appears next to the mini map. The time display is adjustable, if you want you can do at least half a minute. The standard image was too small? So do it on half of the screen. Now, certainly, we will see. But that's not all. If desired, the banal image of light bulb changing on its own. Unlimited flight of fancy. Atomic explosion, kiss beauty – in a word, in his own way. And finally, another "bun". You can change the alert sound file. And make the sound according to your taste.

To configure the mod in the file


(you must use NotePad++)

To change the light bulb at its option, replace the file


on any picture you like. Before copying your file, remember that the final image name must be SixthSenseBackground.png.


Download Hawg's 101 Sixth Sense Sounds (9.56 Mb)
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1 uprimax • 04:52, 17.04.2017
I tried with replacing both SixthSenseIcon and SixthSenseBackground to my own png-image but it still showed the original lightbulb. Else it would be a great and very appreciated mod.