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Atas - information about spotted enemy tanks mod WoT

Atas - information about spotted enemy tanks mod WoT
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The midst of battle. The highest point the passions. Continuously on the sniper scope to more accurately target weak points of enemy vehicles. And suddenly: "Tank destroyed!" A trip to the hangar was discharged. "Who? As the crept? Why I didn't see him?" In such a situation have been a lot of "tank". Everything is explained simply. In sniper mode aiming to see what is happening on the flanks and in the rear is impossible. And switch to arcade type sometimes just no time. To exit the deadlock mod for WOT ATAC
At appearance of enemy vehicles at a certain distance from your tank in sniper sight appears a red and white triangular marker, showing that within sight of an enemy appeared. In addition, indicated the distance to it and the type of equipment.
When you install the mod you can choose one of the options the distance to the opponent: 150, 300 and 450 meters. Choosing one or the other distance, you can determine when to act mod. It should be noted that it works, when the enemy sees or detects some of the allies. That is, it appears on the mini-map. As a "light bulb" it does not work.
This modifier is a godsend for artillery. Setting it at the average distance of 360 metres, it is possible to know in advance who the enemies are able to get to you. And in a timely manner to change the position. But this distance is more relevant for snail. For maneuverable artillery will be fairly short triggering distance mod.

To configure the mod in the file
For editing use Notepad++.


Download Atas - information about spotted enemy tanks mod WoT (73.3 Kb)
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