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AutoEquip - mod automatic installation of the telescope WoT

AutoEquip - mod automatic installation of the telescope WoT
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  • Add Date: 13.02.2018
  • Rating: 4.1


  • updated both version to;

    After playing tanks for thousands of battles, examining dozens of tanks and starting to shoot down the x's on each of them realize that to put every time the telescope, the box and grid is very annoying, but to buy them in each tank do not want. How to make life easier for the tank with a large number of tanks in the hangar and was written AutoEquip - mod automatic installation of the telescope.

    With it, you will be able to automatically set not only horns, but also the box, as well as camo net. Agree that it is really convenient and gives you the opportunity not to bother installing the free modules on the tank. Below are two versions of the mod:

  • memorization installed on tank modules and their return each time you select a tank.
  • automatic installation of the telescope/box/mesh after clicking "To battle" or "Ready" in the platoon;

    What to put to have to choose you.

  • Copy the folder scripts in WOT/res_mods/0.9.х/.
  • Mod will only work after playing a few configuration steps mod. (see below)

    Configuration steps mod:
  • Select the desired tank;
  • To put the required modules;
  • Not disassembling them (a must!), select the next tank and place it on the desired modules that will be removed already from the previous tank automatically;
  • Repeat all these steps until you pass all the required tanks.

    Important! When manually removing modules mod removes them from the configuration file.

    The second version of the mod sets everything automatically when you click "To battle". May not work on all types of fighting, was tested only in the randomness.

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    Download AutoEquip - mod automatic installation of the telescope WoT (54.1Kb)
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    Is the real binocular in the game? Is he doing his job? Or is it just looking?
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    does not work ....