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Battle Assistant - improved sight For World Of Tanks 1.3.0

Battle Assistant - improved sight For World Of Tanks 1.3.0
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  • Add Date: 11.12.2018
  • Current version: 2.0.8
  • Rating: 4.2


  • checked on the client to, everything works fine and without bugs;

    Not often you can find a mod that won in some contest and which is approved by the developers. Mod Battle Assistant SPG healthy person [] is such. Recently he became the winner of the competition of modifications, which held itself WG. The author has won no small amount of money, but it's worth it. Because the mod has a lot of useful and interesting features that will help you in your daily battles. It is divided into modules for each type of equipment. The most famous fashion module - improved sight for artillery, which will really give you an advantage when playing on the artillery.

    Improved sight

    This module and became the first improvement that the mod put into the game and it was he who interested the members of the jury. The main reason for such attention was the fact that the mod has changed the standard art of sight and made it more like a sniper thus allowing artbody more accurately assess the trajectory of flight of the projectile, and even to aim at the lower plate of the tank or to take aim at him behind the stone, causing maximum damage.

    The main benefits received by users of this mod:
    fully understood the trajectory along which the projectile will fly
    to facilitate the game for the artillery on city maps due to the presence of superior art sight that helps in aiming the tank even between houses
    fixing the aiming point even if the enemy you were aiming for was gone from sight

    Installation Guide

    Copy wotmod file into mods/ folder
    Change Log

    fixed garage settings button

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    Download Battle Assistant - improved sight For World Of Tanks 1.3.0 (4.00 Mb)
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    1 jdyer20 • 20:47, 15.04.2018
    I downloaded and used this mod. I pressed the letter "J", and nothing happened. In order to activate the module, I pressed the letter "G". So I don't know, maybe my PC may be different.