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Disabling Battle Chat Mod For World Of Tanks

Disabling Battle Chat Mod For World Of Tanks
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  • Add Date: 20.07.2017
  • Rating: 5.0


Using the modification for disabling battle chat for World of tanks you can turn off the possibility of correspondence with other players in combat. It's no secret that many irresponsible players use the chat completely not on purpose. Advertise clans, urging players to join its ranks. Or worse, throwing a verbal argument, insulting the other participants of the fight, using profanity. To get rid of these distractions, you can use this modification. Many will say that the game "World of tanks" already have the standard mute. This is true, but there is one thing. In the mod of "Disabling chat" full deactivation of activity of the allies, including clicks on the minimap. Now you can isolate the players who already have nothing to do, because they were destroyed. Their "smart" tips and "valuable" comments will remain unread.
And that's not all the differences from the standard features. The modification also blocks the quick messages like "recharged so many seconds", "Yes", "no" and remove the coordinates on the mini-map. A very useful property. Especially when some "smart guy" needs to pay attention to the square of the A1 for a couple of minutes!


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