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Free Camera for Hangars and Replays Mod For World Of Tanks

Free Camera for Hangars and Replays  Mod For World Of Tanks
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  • Add Date: 11.12.2018
  • Current version: 2.3
  • Rating: 4.3


  • Updated client for World of tanks WOT

    A little modification will extend the capabilities of the game client World of tanks. Now when you replay the battle you will be able to use Free Camera for Hangars and Replays for World of tanks You can move around the battlefield. To move the camera in places on the tank not to call. This feature is useful for creating a beautiful video about the game. Also you will be much more convenient to analyze the course of the battle, as you will be able to move the camera on any tank and trace all his actions during the battle.
    To activate free camera is not difficult. First you need to click the left mouse button. When you see the text "Free camera activated" in the area of the panel shells, press the key combination Caps Lock + F3. Adjust the height of the camera can scroll. To move around locations, use a standard button control with a tank (default is WASD).

    Installation Guide

    Copy .wotmod-file from downloaded archive (‘goofy67_FreeCam_x.y.wotmod’) to latest mods-folder (for example current version is, so copy to ‘World_of_Tanks\mods\')

    Copy folder ‘configs’ to ‘World_of_Tanks\mods' (NOT ‘World_of_Tanks\mods\' !). If not installed, default-system-values will be used.
    Install ModsListApi (download latest from here: ) for easy access in lobby.
    Change Log

    in replay: no need to press left mouse-button to switch to free-camera

  • Screenshots:

    Download Free Camera for Hangars and Replays Mod For World Of Tanks (13.1 Kb)
    More reposts - most of the updates:

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    1 mikumikudancing • 11:04, 22.10.2016
    Cool!Thanks for sharing pal!It works very wellll! tongue tongue
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    2 mikumikudancing • 14:27, 22.10.2016
    Hey dude,I reprinted your works to a forum.bbsduowan
    and I also stress that its original was here.
    Hope u can understand and much thanks to u!
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    3 georgeduca • 14:09, 22.01.2017
    Cant activate free camera with Caps lock and F3.
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    4 mohhazam • 05:26, 04.02.2017
    try with Capslock and schift and F 3
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    5 jacksontche • 22:53, 11.03.2017
    To use: wait until initial 30 secs counter goes to zero. Press right mouse button to activate free camera mode. Press Caps Lock+F3. Q,E= up, down. WASD= front, back, left, right. Numbers from 1 to 0=camera speed movimentation.
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    6 jonatanmercier18 • 21:48, 23.05.2017
    still does not work for me :/
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    7 ps7panki7 • 16:00, 24.05.2017
    This works but not fully I can just move camera away, and it is not totally free so you can move it around map. I don't using XVM do I need XVM for thsi to work?
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    8 vidoivanovic • 17:02, 02.06.2017
    why game crash with this avatar
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    9 anuragnaidu2004 • 08:35, 07.08.2017
    tahnk you very much lo0ve you
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    10 clanulsfinx • 18:28, 08.08.2017
    dont work
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