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GameOver Notify Mod For World Of Tanks 1.2

GameOver Notify Mod For World Of Tanks 1.2
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  • Add Date: 08.10.2018
  • Current version: 7.0
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Hard tank duel, the enemy does not want to die. And suddenly, quite unexpectedly, the game freezes. The next picture shows the familiar hangar and you will receive a message that the team lost. With such a situation faced by many. To avoid such surprises, you need to install mod GameOver Notify the informant about the end of the battle for World of tanks 1.2.

What will change after it is installed? Very much. You receive notification of capture the base. And to do it in two places on the screen. On the left side - the inscription under the team of allies. In the center is a large alert next to the mini map. And the font in red colour, which is hard to miss. Further – more. The allied base is captured 50 %. There was an inscription. Capture is gaining momentum again alert! And this applies to both the Union flag and enemy territory. Why, when the allies embarked on the capture and victory is near? To know that you need to get the last kills and earn more experience and credits. The same thing happens when all the tanks, enemy or allied, destroyed.

And to set the mod you will be able in the file:


Download GameOver Notify Mod For World Of Tanks 1.2 (1.12 Mb)
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