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Show Vehicle Mod for World of tanks

Show Vehicle Mod for World of tanks
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  • Add Date: 19.06.2018
  • Current version: 1.0.2
  • Rating: 2.4


Want to see the future? Look in your hangar at the legendary Maus, although it is necessary to pump a few more tanks? There is nothing easier! Take Show Vehicle mod for World of tanks, which will allow you to view the tanks without any purchase in the hangar. His archive is unpacked, the folder gui and scripts in cofiroute in \World_of_Tanks\res_mods\1.0.0. And the result is a wonderful thing. Open the tab of the game client "Research" or "Shop". Choose the technique that interests. Cause the right mouse button context menu, choose the submenu "Go to the car in the hangar". And the tank appears. With it you can do a lot. Put it on top of the modules. And see how it will look. To know the characteristics of the ammunition for the guns of the armored vehicles. Try on "skins". To figure out what the colors of the camouflage is most appropriate. Here only to play, unfortunately, this technique will not work... the Demo version, so to speak. View, rate and forward. To pump real branch, to quickly get the tank of your dreams.
There is one important feature that we can and must take advantage of. Notice how many "tanks" World of Tanks, to know whether top gun or turret on the stock "psaltery", it is impossible, until you open the equipment and will pump the desired unit. But this takes precious experience. Or need to go to the forum and read the guide.

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Mod version 1.0.1 Game version 1.0.0
Was updated: Mar, 25
Downloads: 44

This Mod can Show All Vehicles statistics on Vehicle Comparsion Basket.
Installation Guide

To install, copy .pyc file (mod_ShowVehicle.pyc) to your WoT res_mods\1.0.0\scripts\client\gui\mods folder.
Change log

Fixed Modification.


Download Show Vehicle Mod for World of tanks (3.2 Kb)
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