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XVM 7.6.0 Mod For World Of Tanks - WoT 1.0.1

XVM 7.6.0 Mod For World Of Tanks - WoT 1.0.1
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  • Add Date: 07.05.2018
  • Current version: 7.6.0
  • Rating: 4.8


Updated to version #1:

  • XVM-7.6.0:
  • implemented line on the minimap (the circles yet)

  • adaptation to WoT 1.0.1
  • adaptation of the battle loading screen
  • new items are added in the section "battleLabels" and "battleLabelsTemplates":
    "avgDamage" - average damage for current technology
    "mainGun" - the threshold required to achieve "the Main caliber"
  • added options in the sections "minimap" and "minimapAlt":
    "selfIconScale - scale icons
    "directionTriangleAlpha - transparency of the green triangle the camera direction
    "directionLineAlpha" transparency standard beam direction of the camera
    "zoom"/"index" - the value of the scale of the minimap when you press zoom
  • removed the options in the sections "minimap" and "minimapAlt":
  • renamed the options in the sections "minimap" and "minimapAlt":
    "showCameraLineAfterDeath" => "showDirectionLineAfterDeath"
  • changed the behavior of the alignment options in the extra fields:
    "align" - horizontal alignment of the text box relative to its position
    the "valign" - vertical alignment of the text box relative to its position
    "textFormat"/"align" - horizontal alignment of text inside text field
    "textFormat"/"valign" - vertical alignment of text within the box
  • added options in the sections modes "playersPanel":
    "squadIconAlpha" - transparency icons platoon

    Renamer - as it is not the most popular mod for a lot of tankers. According to statistics from the XVM website it on a daily basis is more than three and a half million players worldwide. Its popularity is due to the fact that it allows you to see the following information:

  • the efficiency rating of players if you load the battle and in the battle
  • their winning percentage
  • the number of fights
  • the estimated chance of victory in battle considering all the above indicators

    All displayed information can be configured in the configuration files and output, for example, is not the total winning percentage of a player on all tanks, but only in specific and so on. All this made Renamer flexible to configure and very popular mod.

    It is made on the basis of XVM for World of Tanks, which is a very popular modification because it allows the player to completely change the game interface and add the following improvements without which modern tank just can not play:

    the damage log
    smart mini map with all the necessary data and indicators
    indicator lit tanks in the ears
    the indicator capturing base, showing how many of the invaders is based on and how soon it will take
    modified the markers on the technique
    ping in the hangar and on the login screen.

    And that's just the main part of the functionality of the mod. It still hides a lot of chips and jokes that you will be able to learn over time by using it. This page presents Renamer for World of Tanks, also called polysomes, in the most recent version with the most detailed instructions for setup and installation of each component.

    To make you as comfortable as possible installed and configured Renamer, our team made for you the following:

  • manual installation archive
  • automatic installation by using the convenient and thoughtful setup

    But remember one thing, once the setting for WOT Renamer 0.9.X, you turn yourself to further anguish and the burning of chairs. After all, you will learn actually how much crawfish lives in the universe of World of Tanks.

    According to numerous requests of visitors of our portal we decided to make two options to set Renamer, because not all have good PC, but some XVM functions need additional resources in the weak PC alas no. Therefore, as in manual and in automatic mode will be available two options:

  • Renamer Full
  • Renamer Light

    Full version will include all the mods that you can include in XVM, in Light version will only olinemen and hit the log. So if you have weak PC, I advise you to put "Renamer Light". To configure additional features XVM open the folder "Add-on for Renamer" and there you will find a configuration file with:

  • informative carousel in 2 or 3 rows,
  • standard equipment markers
  • different types of log damage
  • manual switching ratings

  • Screenshots:

    Download XVM 7.6.0 Mod For World Of Tanks - WoT 1.0.1 (7.13 Mb)
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