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Sights for World of TanksDifferent sights for World of Tanks 0.9.20 (WOT) appeared not yesterday, as the standard sight always suffered from a lack of informativity. Recently, he did not display even the simplest things – the time of reloading, not to mention other useful details. But time does not stand still, and players world of tanks began to draw and implement in the game their sights.

Appeared and sniper, and arcade, and server, and sights for SPG (artillery). Every gamer can choose for themselves the convenient configuration, which will display all that your heart desires. The distance to the enemy, the number of shells in the drum, the type of ammunition loaded and so on. The most advanced developments in this field, we have tried to collect in this section. However, don't expect downloading and installing the sight, you will sharply begin to bend and all will become extra violent. Unfortunately, it is not. Sight mod for wot only changes the customer interface, but will not shoot or throw projectiles at home. In General, choose the right and forward on the battlefield:) » Sights for World of Tanks WOT 0.9.20,

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Sight as Jove for World of Tanks 0.9.20
Blue sniper scope For World of Tanks 0.9.20
Arcade and sniper scope Pulse For World Of Tanks 0.9.20
Sniper and arcade sight Taipan 2 For World Of Tanks 0.9.20
Best yellow sight For World Of Tanks 0.9.20
Set sights Octagon (arcade, artillery, sniper) For WoT 0.9.20
White sniper sight For World Of Tanks 0.9.20
Sniper, arcade & art sight from Flash For World Of Tanks 0.9.20
Minimalistic sight Giacint For World Of Tanks 0.9.20
Strike sight for people with poor eyesight For World Of Tanks 0.9.20