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Sight as Jove for World of Tanks

Sight as Jove for World of Tanks
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  • Add Date: 13.02.2018
  • Rating: 3.8


The sight from the well-known watershed Jove is a great sight for WOT, which is a bit easier to play. The main advantage when using this modification of the client is that when you hover over the enemy special indicator lights up either green or red. A green light will signal you that the chance to pierce the armor of enemy vehicles is very high and we can safely shoot. Same red color, on the contrary, tells us that the chance of a successful shot are not high and it is better to refrain from attempts to cause damage, and look for a less armored opponent.
Well, such an experienced player as GOV will not use bad aim, so feel free to put this mod and bend over the Rand.

Installation: unzip the archive to "WOT/res_mods/the current version of the game"


Download Sight as Jove for World of Tanks (1.98 Mb)
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