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Sniper and arcade sight Taipan 2 For World Of Tanks 1.0.1

Sniper and arcade sight Taipan 2 For World Of Tanks 1.0.1
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The sight Taipan has long established itself among the players of world of tanks. Therefore, an improved version of the sight Taipan 2 would get no worse than its first version. And so it happened in fact. Sniper and arcade sights coupled with note 2 Taipan for World of tanks 1.0.1 display during combat, the most relevant data - the number of remaining shells, the percentage of HP of your tank, charging guns, the number of seconds to complete the loading of guns, nick and distance to the tank, in which you aim. In addition, the sight range is equipped with animated recharge.

Installation Guide

must complete the first 4 steps below to achieve the intended function (steps 5 & 6 are optional) see wot forum for details

1) **Important, For a clean install, make sure C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods & C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\mods folders are empty except for the 0.9.XX (current version #) folders which must also be empty (Folders for older versions of the game can and should be deleted).

2) **Installation - Download & Extract the main mod file to the World_of_tanks folder. In other words - delete your res_mods & mods folders and replace them with mine. The default location for these folders is C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\

3) **WoT settings - Go to In Game WoT settings - (First) Goto general tab, then scroll down to the bottom right and select “always” for enhanced features on the mini map. (Second) in the General Tab, Enable 25x zoom. (Third) in settings, Feedback Tab/Damage Tab, disable or enable ” detailed damage caused by you ” depending on the pack you’re using. Also enable or disable the logs of damage taken (I suggest leaving summary stats up but disabling detailed stats), Also depending on preference and the pack you’re using. See images below

4) Activate XvM - go to the XvM Website, activate your XvM - click “Activate Services” and “Update Statistics” buttons in the top middle of the window, and then choose your options by clicking the “Settings” button which controls the wn8 values displayed in game. (Game restart required)

More versions available on the WoT forum (Taipan2 sight mod pack, Vanilla sight mod pack as well as XvM only packs in full and light versions)
Follow the link
Change log

Version 4
xvm updated 7.6.0


· Download Sniper and arcade sight Taipan 2 For World Of Tanks 1.0.1 (15 Mb)
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