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F.L.T-A for World of tanks 1.0.1

F.L.T-A for World of tanks 1.0.1
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  • Add Date: 07.05.2018
  • Current version: 9.1
  • Rating: 3.9


The next replenishment of the collection of mods on our website perfect for fans of F.L.T-A for World of tanks 1.0.1. Installing these skins for tanks, you will be able to refresh the appearance of their iron monsters. The only thing you can get a little upset that all this beauty can only be seen by you. Allies and enemies in random battles will not be able to appreciate the new look of your tank. But no one forbids you to take a screenshot and brag to your friends.

Installation Guide

1) Close the World of Tanks client
2) Run the installer
3) Follow the instructions of the installer
4) Select those textures that you liked.
5) Install them in the game client.


1) The installer itself finds a folder with modifications, so you only need to specify the folder where it is located (Example: D: \ Games)
2) If the folder is renamed, then in the field where to install it is necessary to edit the name of the folder with the game
Change log

Добавлен танк: Об-140 ( бэта ).
Небольшие правки в паре других танков. Из-за запросов в переработку пойдут танки : M46_Patton_KR и Pz58_Mutz
Added tank: Ob-140 (beta).
Small changes in a couple of other tanks. Because of requests for processing will go tanks: M46_Patton_KR and Pz58_Mutz


· Download F.L.T-A for World of tanks 1.0.1 (510 Mb)
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