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AGQJ Sound Mod for World of tanks 0.9.16

AGQJ Sound Mod for World of tanks 0.9.16
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  • Add Date: 25.09.2016
  • Rating: 2.5


Dear friends! Team players AGQJ offers you sound modification of almost all the sounds in the game World of Tanks — the sound modes "AGQJ Sound Mod".

This sound mod makes the game atmosphere more intense, emphasizes the energetic pace of the game and allows you to look at World of Tanks in a new way!

Excellent sound mod for World of Tanks, which, according to the authors, "makes the game atmosphere more intense".

Let's look at what is included in the Assembly of this modification:

  • Most of the sounds of engines tanks are replaced by authentic (historical). Now the game can be heard real sounds of the legendary T-34, PzKpfw VI Tiger, M4 Sherman and others;
  • Also reworked the sounds of engines in the tanks;
  • Completely replaced the sounds of caterpillars. Now, when moving the tank on the ground, the sound of moving trucks barely audible amid the engine. And at the entrance to the cobbles the sound of caterpillars already competes with the sound of the engine. This changes the character of the sound of trucks during interaction with a solid surface.

  • Replaced all the shots of all the guns on the more glamorous;
  • For each shot added a delay depending on the speed of sound;
  • For each shot added distortion depending on the distance of the shot;
  • Added a separate characteristic sound of a gunshot for some groups of tanks.

    Now the division the following:

    Artillery 120-150mm;
    Artillery 150-180mm;
    Artillery 180-240mm;
    Guns 85-107mm;
    Guns 85-107mm, having a muzzle brake;
    Guns 115-150mm;
    Guns 115-150mm, having a muzzle brake;
    Guns 150mm;
    150mm guns, having a muzzle brake;
    The gun of the T-62A;
    Gun Type 59, WZ-120;
    Guns M46 Patton and М48А1 PattonIII.

    In addition to the usual sound of manual reloading in sniper mode added a special reload sounds for the automatic loading of reels used in French and some American tanks.

  • Replaced all the explosions, breaking, hit, bounce for all caliber shells on more spectacular;
  • For each blast, penetration, etc. added a delay depending on the speed of sound;
  • For each blast, penetration, etc. added distortion depending on the distance of the shot.


  • All tracers are divided into two groups: tracers from the whistling OF shells, the hissing tracers from BB shells;
  • In turn each group is divided into tracers from large caliber and tracers from small calibers;
  • Increased audibility of tracers from OF art of shells through the 500, BB tracers up to 300m;
  • At the approach of the tracer added to the player cutting the whistle.


  • To create an atmosphere of tank combat in the group added the effect of the talks between the tankers by radio — random barely legible phrases in radio communication between tanks, appearing with random intervals;
  • For most top tanks added to the negotiations of the tank inside the tank — short shouts and commands in sniper mode, emphasizing the presence inside the tank of the crew.


    In mod, we use a variety of orchestral, industrial and background music to create the right atmosphere in various scenes and situations that support the mood of determination and heroism, or the bitter taste of defeat and utter despair.


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