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Zoom mods for World of tanksZoom mods for World of tanks sight 1.2 are of great importance for aimed fire at long distances. Because the standard 8x zoom built into the game doesn't accurately to consider tank located in the other end of the map. In this section we have collected various configuration options for zoom in the sniper scope.

Each player will be able to choose the option that best suits his style game whether it is a multiple of 16x, 30x multiple or multiple of 60x zoom. But we didn't stop on the zoom camera. There are mods which change the parameters of the distance the camera up – the so-called commander camera commander or review. It will allow aerial flight to assess the situation that has developed on the battlefield of WOT. » Zoom mods for 1.3, World of tanks WOT

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Zoom mod - maximum zoom out in the camera World Of Tanks
Zoom x30 x45 x60 without using PMOD for World of tanks
Battle Assistant - Special zoom for artillery World of tanks
Commander camera  for World of tanks
Setup ZOOM, Nosсroll, commander review World of tanks
Zoom for sight (multiple zoom x4 x8 x16 x30) World of tanks 0.9.17
Extended Zoom mode for World of tanks 0.9.16