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The website ready to offer you official and allowed mods for WOT (world of tanks) 0.9.19. The project team found all over the Internet the most convenient legal modification of the game client and gathered them in one place. Download mods very easily, because access to them is not necessary to pay, can download absolutely free of charge. All the things that you love to use every day by playing your favorite tanks in World of tanks, we have: the Assembly of the payload, the most convenient sights, Renamer (XVM), minimap, damage panel and many other extras.

Why do I need all these mods you ask? The answer to this question is quite simple. Since the release of WOT gamers understand that without the modifications of the game client can not do and started to create addons for every taste. Now you can make your client unique, tuned. The game interface becomes very attractive. As the development world of tanks has grown and the number of available modifications. Now hundreds, if not thousands, and most advanced creations of modders come to the pages of our site. » Mods for World of Tanks,

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Config XVM Mod For World Of Tanks
XVM 6.7.3 Mod For World Of Tanks - WoT
Сonfiguration of XVM (olenemetr) from Ms_Ramis for World of tanks
The latest version of XVM Mod For World Of Tanks
Current time indicator, time and date to battle Mod for WOT
Indication of skills (perks) crew in battle Mod For World Of Tanks
Clock and calculator in hangar Mod For World Of Tanks
Reduction of combat interface for monitors with low resolution WoT
Beautiful Battle Chat and Kill Messages Mod For World Of Tanks
Damage Announcer - Log of Received Damage in Chat For World Of Tanks